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April 2, 2014 / austreberto

things i constantly check for (day two)

things i constantly check for


locked doors

and the keys that accompany them


my pockets for said keys


and the heads up penny i found the other day

(i’m feeling lucky today)


things on or around my face

cow licks

and unzipped flies

(the last time i used the bathroom was hours ago)


the closest mirror

(vanity never looked so good on me)


bed head in the mornings

and sometimes afternoons

(i slept like a baby last night)


my pulse when i’m living

and listening to music

(it likes to skip a beat sometimes)


the breath within my lungs so i’m not drowning

(though you took it away the second i saw you ages ago)


and double checking that this isn’t a dream

because i’m beginning to get the feeling that things are too good to be true again


if i don’t wake myself

pinch me


but in five minutes


remember the look on my face right before you do it

and tell me how happy i looked


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  1. ladysighs / Apr 2 2014 4:46 pm

    That is a great check list. 🙂

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