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April 4, 2014 / austreberto

the decision (day four)

the decision


i spent more than enough time mentally writing my script

word for word


even different versions

in front of every mirror in the house

only to throw it out the window as soon as i breathe

we need to talk


i can never freestyle winging it on the fly

with so many different directions to go

and i want to take all of them at once

even though they all have taken me to the same place in the end


i have trouble speaking the truth at the expense of another’s happiness

even though i know it’s what’s best for me

even though it’s what i want to do


you just looked so beautiful with that smile of yours

and i didn’t want to ruin it

but i couldn’t stay


i swear to god i’m not a terrible person

but i’m going to break your heart tonight darlin’

and it’s gonna hurt

both of us


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