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April 5, 2014 / austreberto

from a single glance (day five)

from a single glance


the first time my features were just ambiguous enough for strangers to openly invite themselves into the variety of identities i carried in my ever expanding wallet

i still wore my winter coat

my skin just a lighter shade of brown


i missed the sun


but you don’t really look mexican


and you don’t really look like an asshole

but i suppose everyone’s wrong from time to time


after the third time i was mistaken for a girl because of my long haired days


sometimes from behind


sometimes to my face

even with the beginnings of facial hair

(just beyond the peach fuzz)


and all the times people were so sure of my sexuality

as if they knew something that i didn’t


for awhile

i believed that they did


they say that first impressions are impossible to make

because you’ve already made them



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