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April 7, 2014 / austreberto

if i was told my last day was tomorrow (day seven)

if i was told my last day was tomorrow


i wish i had more time so i could write about everything in the world

then compare it to the exact opposite

in hopes of creating something beautiful


it’s similar to the hundred monkeys and hundred typewriters approach

but my hands cramp up far too quickly


hand me a loaded shotgun pencil

point blank to the inspiration of what you hate the most


i’ll show it a good time

if that meant you would start loving yourself for once


it’s hard to look at yourself most mornings when your eyesight is 20/20 to only see the flaws in your reflection


sing it a song


your favorite one

in the key of memories


take it back to when you first heard it


play it on repeat until you get sick of it

knowing damn well you will never get sick of it


i’d give you my last seconds if you could listen to your favorite lyrics again


write them on the back of my eyelids so i can look onto them


i’ll share you mine when you join me on the other side


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