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April 11, 2014 / austreberto

the turtle and the bear (day eleven)

the turtle and the bear


i still have the pants i wore that night we went on our first walk


they were brand new back then

but had holes from my dragging feet by the end of the miles we traveled together


my short legs

i still have trouble finding pairs that fit just right


you know what that’s like with your me sized everything


the vertically challenged

short statured

but big hearted know all too well the trouble of finding the right size of things because nothing can ever contain the love we have for others who are sometimes not so deserving


we sometimes believe that we are the undeserving


you spoke about the time you hugged the ocean with your little arms

though knew you were the envy of every t-rex around the block for more than one reason


your courage is what inspired me to be a better person even though i’m not one all the time


my bear cub hugs were never enough to show how sorry i was

so i said i would never stop giving them

even if my reach was limited

you could still feel them when you needed them the most


shooing away the scares and head ouches and bad days that we’re all allowed to have

but i just wanted to make things better


best foot forward of my two left paws


i’d give my honey if i could

if it would help at all


you can share it with the elephants if you want


just avoid their tusks when they try to thank you


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