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April 12, 2014 / austreberto

we survived and can still walk and will laugh about this some day (day twelve)

we survived and can still walk and will laugh about this some day


it’s always easy to look back

after it’s all been said and done

to miss something that wasn’t good for you in the first place


focusing only on the highlights

what worked

with our selective memories

and ignoring all the rest


it’s why so many people keep going back to the same mistakes


with all of the i told you so’s

what are you doing with yourself these days to better your future


are you stuck in the trudges of your insecurities

or are you moving forward

leaving behind all that luggage you’ve been carrying around for years

forgetting where you got them in the first place


i tried my best to hug you as tight as i could so all the pieces would fit again


with my constant reassurance that you asked for on a daily basis

when you called yourself a needy bitch


we just spoke different languages of love

expecting the other to understand


middle grounds were difficult to reach because even those were different distances between us


compromise was a word that was foreign


walking down the wrong way of one way streets

but still surprised when we crashed


i did my best to control the wreckage when we spun out


the airbags were broken before we got in

but that didn’t stop us from trying


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