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April 22, 2014 / austreberto

silent but troubled (day twenty two)

silent but troubled


his story was a sad one


his life was even sadder

because there wasn’t much of one


his friends

were the ones who were paid to be there by his side

at all times


his hands shook

probably because his mother shook him as a baby

and he could still feel it


his story was a heavy one


his life was getting heavier



one of his friends

paid by the hour

by his side

kept a watchful eye over everything he would do


though he never talk about his problems


i never saw any signs


he was always so calm

despite all the times he’d hurt himself


did it so many times that that pain stopped


he believed he was invincible in his left leg because of this

even though the doctor said he might lose it if he did it one more time


he did it one more time


never learned after all the times he came back from the emergency room


he probably never will learn

and that’s what makes his story saddest of all


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