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April 30, 2014 / austreberto

the calling (DAY THIRTY)

the calling


we had high expectations for ourselves

big dreamers that we were


ready and raring to go

to be great

and to do great


so much greatness

we wanted to change world

or so we hoped we would


some of us were peacemakers

wanted to rid the world of unnecessary evils

and even the necessary ones


edit the dictionary to remove hate from existence

and the same for pain



and anything else that had no purpose in this world

(no matter how much character our parents said it would build)


others were healers


their wings were wide enough to carrying everyone under them


and the rest were unsure of what they were meant to do


waiting for the epiphany

the realization

to feel useful for once



is in high demands these days


it’s far from extinct

but it’s pretty hard to find


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