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May 19, 2014 / austreberto




this was a stepping stone in my life that i hoped to skip across your waters

making it that much faster to get to you


but my strides weren’t long enough

treading in waters that i’ve never been to but have heard about only on the rarest of occasions


never directly

eves dropping on eves droppers


the story has changed

but i get the gist of it

and at least understand where i need to go



is the only option we ever have in this life

even though many never take it


there’s a reason why our heads can’t turn around

and why walking backwards is a bad idea


we were born this way

facing forward into the darkness

heading towards the light

or whatever you happen to have in front of you


closed doors will always open

because they are doors

and we put them there for a reason


the sign says push

not pull


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