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May 26, 2014 / austreberto

all that we know

all that we know


we’re not quite walking encyclopedias

but we have the walking part down pat



a few steps below the font of all knowledge

but we do know plenty

with our selective memories that have gotten us this far in our lives


we must be doing something right so far


i carry the childhood foods that i refused to eat

volumes 56 through 324

third edition


sauerkraut still remains at the top of that list since 1996


you have the recipe for the world’s best humble pie

that you never speak about

even knowing the secret ingredients


you hinted that it was a dash of humility

substituting reality for expectations

and garnished with disappointment


serve immediately


no need to remember the history outside of our grasps

no dates within these pages

because there are no pages


paper cuts are no longer a problem


i can recite every scab that i refused to leave alone

and the first time i drank pickle juice straight from the jar


it was sour and refreshing at the same time


we know nothing of foreign languages


it’s all greek to us

aside from the basics


at five

i created my own language

because i wanted to say and create beautiful things for things that i believed didn’t exist yet

to fill in the gaps and silences for every person who remained speechless when they saw something they couldn’t describe


though five year olds don’t have the highest of vocabularies

i still haven’t been able to describe half of the things i witness on a daily basis


you took my breath away

how can i get it back


stop asking questions for answers you already know

words of advice i needed to hear a long time ago

volume one

limited edition


but not by the author


this book is well worn


though i’d like to see more of the world than i have in my dreams

especially the places i made up


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