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June 1, 2014 / austreberto

the symphony

the symphony


perfection never had a sound before

to me


used to think it was silence


that potential to be filled with something amazing


empty canvases

motionless waters

sleeping babies

sunday mornings

pouring more coffee because the previous night was everything but silent to me


i’ve never considered myself a conductor

but i do believe these hands were meant motion beauty in the right direction

even though they point to you





i ain’t no sheriff

but i want to outlaw the space that’s between us


because the closer you are to me

the closer i am to understanding what this music is supposed to sound like


it will sound like however it’s supposed to sound like

in the key of imperfections

with missing notes and broken heartstrings that were plucked too hard


you learned

that you didn’t need to sing louder to be heard

you just needed the right inspiration to make those notes ring in the air


the kind of song that stays with you long after you heard it


humming softly to yourself

not knowing all the words

making them up to fit your life

at the time


however you feel

when you’re afraid to feel

rings the truest of them all


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