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June 21, 2014 / austreberto

sense of direction

sense of direction


i’m not lost

but i don’t know where i’m going


i’ve been driving down these roads for twenty eight years now


i’ve asked for directions a few times

but i never follow them


gone passed the barn that meant i’ve gone too far

taken right instead of left

and left instead of right

banged youies

and gotten lost on roundabouts


you can’t miss it







i missed it


been running on empty

been running on fumes


if this ran on dreams

i could get to anywhere i wanted

like that

because this is also a submarine

an airplane


and a unicycle

all at once


i made it myself when i was six

(patent pending)


by age twelve

i started asking the big questions


not like

if a tree falls in the forest

and no one was there to hear it

did it make a sound


my answer always was

if no one was there to hear it

then who the fuck cares


i was asking the bigger questions




there equaling to wherever it is you want to be at this very moment



for me

equaling to be right next to you


wherever you are

whoever you are


i’m trying to find you


are we there yet



but i’ve got a feeling that i’m on the right track



i’m not lost

i don’t know where i’m going

but i’m close

and i’ll get there soon



by your side


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