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August 10, 2014 / austreberto

on the spot

on the spot


you asked me to write you a poem

so i came up with nothing and told you that it doesn’t work like that


if it did

i wouldn’t be writing this


if it did

i’d have masterpieces every time i danced pencils across the dance floors of papers


and backs of receipts

with pencil tips that would never go dull

but were never as sharp as you



you look good


like you did yesterday

and the day before that


but you’re distracting me


i need to stay focused

because you asked me to write you a poem


so this time i could only come up with ones that rhymed

(and i don’t like rhyming)


the ones that begin with roses are red

but not necessarily end in violets are blue

because i never feel blue when i’m next to you



i always do it with such bad







i need to take this seriously

because you asked me to write you a poem

but all i could come up with is this


my jumbled words

out of order

not making sense

too fast

and smeared writing

because that’s something us lefthanders have to deal with

(so we learn to write like this)

but it’s still the truth

every word of it


and i hope it’s good enough

because it’s all i got


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  1. theadventuresofrosebud / Aug 11 2014 2:10 am

    It’s more than good enough. It’s very witty with hidden messages of love. Great poem!

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