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August 16, 2014 / austreberto

disassembly required

disassembly required


i am not good enough


this is clearly not supported by any evidence in my life as i am giving each and every day my very best


my very best is more than good enough


i can’t do anything right


i have done plenty right in my short time of being alive

and will get plenty of time to continue to do right things

and not beat myself up when i get things wrong


i should give up


giving up offers no rewards for hard work

because no hard work was given


i make mistakes


while this is true

i must embrace this aspect of my life as it will never go away


i am not perfect

nor will i ever be

but i am good enough


it’s all too much


because you’re trying to look at too much of this world

of your life

at one time


it overwhelms easily

wanting to accomplish all of it at once


baby steps


why bother


because i can

because i will

because i want


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