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September 1, 2014 / austreberto

paper cuts from fully written pages

paper cuts from fully written pages


this notebook was MADE IN CHINA

but the ideas came from everywhere


from high school memories

not so broken hearts

and back alleyways of inner directed monologues

wrapped tightly in electric insecurity blankets


a one man show and i’ve got stage fright of truths to face

and i’m through with lying to myself so much


when the curtains fell

i had forgotten all about my bathroom mirror rehearsals

pep talks

back up plans

back up back up plans

and i was never good at winging it


fishing for lines to fill the awkward silence we created out of nothing just to say we had them


but they took too long

so i watched boiling pots to pass the time


they would make the most delicious teas if i didn’t carry such bitterness with me all the time


so i was told to go find honey bear hugs

and warned of the sticky situation that i might find myself in someday


they say never back yourself in a corner without an exit strategy


for once

i have my plan and no corners to cower in

because this room is a circle


i’m not looking for trouble

but i don’t want to play it safe either



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