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October 12, 2014 / austreberto

11:49 pm

11:49 pm

this moment would be much more peaceful if i didn’t worry so much about what i have to do tomorrow
or worry about what had already happened

teach me how to voluntarily shut off my nerves
so you stitched a switch on my back
just out of reach

it’s why i always asked you to scratch my back after long days

you grew your nails out
took good care of them
kept them strong on the days i would need it most

you flicked the switch
and i stopped caring
not because i had given up
but because i knew i had done everything possible
and would continue to do so the next day
and the next

i aimed too high on some days

learned that some stepping stones cannot be skipped no matter how far i leapt
with my short legs

11:50 pm

i think i can sleep now


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