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November 30, 2014 / austreberto

wanted to be on karma’s good side

wanted to be on karma’s good side

i heard she was a bitch
(though i’m sure she might be a little nicer if we stopped calling her that)

so i got all my ducks in a row
cleaned their feathers
and fed them bread
so everything i gave away was my very best

stopped all forms of jealousy and negativity
outward and inward

snide remarks
evil glances
(though my sarcasm and wit are the hardest to control and are usually a good thing when directed to you)

learned that it didn’t work like that because the bad still happened
that it wasn’t about stopping the it
but about handling it as it happened

with a grain of salt from the waves of salt water

i invited karma over for tea
and we talked about our days
and i thanked her for the opportunities
(and she was happy that i stopped calling her a bitch)


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