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December 7, 2014 / austreberto

the first night we spent together

the first night we spent together

we were like mismatched puzzle pieces

didn’t quite fit just right

you quickly learned about my bed hog habits
and i your ability to steal blankets and body heat right from under my nose
(i would wake up extra cold during those happenings)

my bodily repositions every thirty minutes on the dot
especially when you discovered my arms would not remember your presence at 2:36 in the morning
and you’d get an unwarranted face full of limbs

but you see
in my sleep
i wanted to get closer to you
even if that meant i’d be the one with that awkward arm you just don’t know where to put when you’re holding someone

the kind that goes numb
waking you up with its needle pin pricks of pain

but dammit
it was worth it

on the nights i woke you
you then learned of my sleep talking nonsensical babbles
picking up about every fourth word or so

you knew i had something to say
but didn’t want to wake me
because you wanted to hear the rest
and knew it had to do something with love

on the second night we spent together
i sleep punched you in the face

i’m sorry

in my dream
i was rescuing you from a miniature king kong
but failed
i’m sorry)

nights three through eight
we began to fit a little better

learned about each other’s scars
both physical and emotional
and how the curves of questioning marks of if this was going to work or not were aligned

when i told you
i got you
and held on with my boa constrictor embrace

i meant it

i stopped hogging the bed
and instead shared it

you stopped stealing body heat
and created it
(but you still stole the blankets)

learned that we could fit more than one way
because we weren’t puzzle pieces

we were much bigger than that


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