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January 18, 2015 / austreberto

where the heart is

where the heart is

we kicked up dust storms with our stampedes through anthills that were there because god intended them to be there only to be destroyed and built back up again

so i followed suit of the ants
diligent workers those creatures are
and lifted ten times the weight of our burdens combined so i could be strong enough for the both of us

but i wasn’t

a grain of sand is nothing until you face an entire desert

but i was strong enough to pick up all the chips you kept on your shoulders
and made mosaics to show you that beautiful things can be made out of tragedies

that scars are only patterns waiting to be traced
and held tightly
and reminded that they are loved

these arms
are waiting for you to walk into them

take a step forward
or backwards if you have to

climb kilimanjaro
to get the best view possible
so you can find your way home

come home
to what’s familiar

come home
to what feels good

just come home


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