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March 1, 2015 / austreberto

free will

free will

i choose a life free of stress and negativity and face the reality that this is not so easy to accomplish

i choose a life with fewer stressors and to only associate myself with likeminded individuals who have an equal awareness of what they bring outward to the ones they love especially during the more difficult times in a life

moments of crisis reveal true character

when said character is revealed i choose to actively disassociate myself with the toxicity that they have brought into my life intentionally or unintentionally

i choose to walk away from this moment and let them have the final word and leave with the satisfaction that my life is headed for the better because of this action
that i am better than anything that i may say in the heat of the moment in retaliation to any conversation they are baiting me to initiate

i choose to cool down
to release my temper
to not anger so quickly
and that if i do not do this that i will take the necessary steps to override and avoid any future disasters
and have the reliance that the likeminded individuals that i freely associate myself with will pick up on the warning signs i unconsciously display and remove me when i am unable to give my very best to the situation

i choose to cleanse what bitterness i may have inherited from the people in my past and to understand that i do not have to be so hateful in return when i am faced with such hardships
that i never lost the ability to smile and laugh and love and to embrace every opportunity with the hope that this will act as an improvement to my existence and knowledge and wisdom that i will potentially bestow upon my children and down the line my grandchildren and hopefully great grandchildren
and that they see me as someone who has experienced such happiness and enlightenment and that they strive to experience a similar life but with their own approach

i choose all of this
simply because i can
and will


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