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March 6, 2015 / austreberto

unsocial media

unsocial media

in the days when bicycles doorbells and phone calls were our means of communication
summers were spent sunup to sundown outside of electronics because they had not the foothold not that we needed them in the first place

in the times where you’d travel across neighborhoods
ya know
put in a little effort
and ask your best friend if he could come out and play
to get lost in the woods
play that video game system your family couldn’t afford yet
and NOT try that homemade bike ramp a second time because the first time you accidentally reversed puberty temporary when you landed

you hit that high note
and wish you still could because these days don’t quite sing the same tune

the holiest of devices
an advancement of technology once thought unreachable
the font of all knowledge that fits in your pocket and is readily available at your command
(unless you have AT&T)
and it is the root of all of our loneliness and addictions and rudeness and rudeness and rudeness
socializing with people
sometimes complete strangers
miles away
when there’s a perfectly fine human being capable of conversation to either your right or your left and sometimes other directions

it’s an instant gratification we urge to fulfill
and so we reach out to the ones who constantly ignore us while ignoring the ones next to us
and ignore so much inspiration and beauty all around us to pay attention to little screens that bombard our senses with such rudimentary time killers

i don’t want to play farmville
candy crush
trivia crack
panda pop
clash of clans
mafia wars
bubble witch saga
big fish casino
mouse hunt
game of war
temple run
fruit ninja
angry birds
flappy bird
bad piggies
or anything remotely related to kim kardashian
so stop inviting me

let us disconnect from the world
so we may reconnect with the world
the real one
with tangible items and experiences
the kind with authentic friendships
grass stains
and scraped knees
and huffed out rosy cheeks
the kind you got from your mama that meant you had a great day
exhausted from all the adventures that were had from sunup to sundown
with people who cared
and not wasting so much time on people and things that just didn’t matter

let us start living again
for once


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