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March 8, 2015 / austreberto

at the end but far from done

at the end but far from done

when living a life where you strive to have balance and be fully present for every moment you experience and embrace positivity
you accept the fact that stress will be an active part of your life
day in and day out
there is always something for us warriors of worriers

some are legitimate
many nonexistent
make believe
and downright stupid
but they are all still there in their own unique and annoying way

after accepting this notion and facing the anxieties that latch onto the tailcoats of your thoughts
holding you back
weighing you down
you flow with the decisions
most of which were made for you
not by you
but by others
and many were not in your favor

it is a wonder how far you have gotten carrying so much baggage

so you told us to pack light
only bring the essentials

because you had been here before
and knew all the tricks
because there were no tricks

no shortcuts
easy ways
or fast lanes

you got here on your own accord

your determination was fine tuned
wearing thin
but stubborn as hell
and you kept pushing


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