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March 15, 2015 / austreberto

to the rejected

to the rejected

the first thing you need to know is that you did absolutely nothing wrong

in fact
you did everything down to the very last detail
even going as far as following all of those unwritten rules
the ones that no one ever tells you about
most of which were complete bullshit
because most of which were trial and error

you remember the errors better than the trials
because our failures tend to stick around longer

it’s why heartache is so difficult to forget for us hoarders of memories

but you followed what felt right
caught somewhere between your mind your heart and your gut
if only all three could come to the same conclusion for once
with all of the choices to be had
of trial and error
but mostly errors

last you remember
you were in your esophagus
because that’s where you believed your second wind could be found
but you were left breathless the last time you trusted someone this much
the last time you fell this hard

sails out all wide eyed
a staring contest between the absence of her and your will of wanting her

but you blinked because the sun was in your eyes
and she was gone
even after following what felt right
after all of the smiles that were shared
that connection that was had
because you coulda sworn she tasted like 9-volt batteries when you first kissed

too soon for it to be passion
but call it what you will
you couldn’t wait to do it again
and you were wondering what you did wrong

the second thing you need to know is that you still did nothing wrong

all your cards were on the table
and this time you weren’t bluffin’
because you’re a terrible liar

your face has a tell
because when it’s around the right person it can’t help but to smile until it hurts
and you’ve been in pain about two seconds after you met each other
and ever since then
and then it stopped
all at once
and you were alone again
for once
it didn’t feel like it

your mind your heart and your gut finally agreed for a change after you found your breath

you kept is next to your funny bone ribcaged heart

it’s why you always laughed when you got nervous
filling your sails again
ready to move on
not spending any more time than you already had on the what ifs and second chances that would never come true

letting go of the errors especially if none were made
following what felt right still
and always remembering that you did nothing wrong


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