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April 2, 2015 / austreberto

borrowed words (day two)

borrowed words

what is it about the words of others that gives us the courage to belt out songs at the top of our lungs in bathroom showers
cars with the windows rolled down so the off chance someone at a stoplight next to you loves the same music
and if life were like a musical
in random song and dance
just make sure everyone meets up to practice the choreography once a week

but when it comes to our own devices
our own creativity

stage fright

if we are measured by our silence
and if silence is golden
then we are ponyboy

but instead
let us sing how we feel to open all these windows that were closed for the season

let some fresh air inside of these veins

that thing out there
that’s the sun
and it wants you to bask in the warmth it offers
asking nothing in return

it just wants you to have a nice day

to feel good again
to stand up straight
to look up at the sky
even on the cloudy days
and remember that brightness is measured in much more than what you are able to see


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