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April 3, 2015 / austreberto

self construction zone (day three)

when they told you that this was all you would amount to
did you believe them

did you walk the path they laid out for you that was made from only the finest materials with the delicatest of hands
avoiding the cracks if there were any
and there weren’t any

how beautiful it must have looked even on the bad days to know that your end was already planned out
that all you had to do was follow

how good it must have felt when you turned your back on them
because you knew you were better than that

made your own roads
puts in a hard day’s work
got dirt under your nails and between your fingerprints

left your mark on the earth and the earth didn’t mind
because it returned the favor

your hands
by the end
we’re well worn and showed a man who worked hard
even for the little things
especially for the little things in life
those constantly overlooked

and you arrived
thankful for the motivation you received from the beginning that grew fainter the further you built your one way road

proved them wrong
you did

and in a way
proved yourself wrong
on all the right ways


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