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April 8, 2015 / austreberto

beauty in the inevitable (day eight)

(The first two lines are from Mr. Buddy Wakefield.)

beauty in the inevitable

if we were created in god’s image
then when god was a boy
he was made up of innocence
and saw the world as a place where no wrong could exist
or so he’d hoped it to be

every morning was a saturday
and every evening felt like that perfect transition between spring and summer
where you’d open the windows to listen to the tree frogs making love
but you didn’t know they were


it was music to you

one day you would reply with your own
a perfect harmony you would find with another
complimenting each other’s faults

but for now
you held onto your innocence for as long as you could because you were gonna need it

as you changed
for better
for worse

you learned the truths the world had to offer as they flooded your experiences
nearly all at once

so you built your dams high
anticipating the worse
for years you waited

built them higher until they reached the heavens
and they weren’t good enough

when it finally came
you were content
as with every ending
a new beginning was always there

the waters cleaned everything
which was fortunate
because you loved how the world became after the rains

did your best to avoid the surfaced worms on the concrete


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