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April 9, 2015 / austreberto

all bad things need to come to an end (day nine)

all bad things need to come to an end

in that moment
when everything changed

not sure if for the better
but it felt like the worst

you were under the impression that i was at the ready
fingertips on the starting line
left knee jittering with anticipation of that gunshot of a phrase that came out of your mouth to rip through the emptiness of our relationship

you cocked back the hammer
and taught me that bullets and words have so much in common

1. they’re both powerful life changing devices

2. they can’t be taken back once you let them go

when you released me into freedom expecting me to fight back
to beg you to stay
how i would do everything possible to change
but there was no begging to be heard

i walked
almost with ease
because it wasn’t the first chance i had to escape

it was the last
after the second chances
and even thirds
after conversations of begging for us not to end

i walked away
for good


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