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April 10, 2015 / austreberto

a working list of things that don’t suck (day ten)

a working list of things that don’t suck

warm hands from tea
sneak attack hugs (they’re super effective)
making memories that you can always look back on and smile
lazy sundays
spontaneous dates
laughing to the point of tears
a loving mother and father
loving yourself
accepting defeat
knowing yourself
taking the time for silence
taking the time to heal
being yourself
getting lost on days when there’s nothing to do
stargazing when the stars are your eyes
finding the constellations in your eyes
matching them to the skies
cloudless nights
cloudless days
good tattoos
bad tattoos for that matter because they both are telling a story
some just have more to say than others
catching leaves in the air while riding a bike
look ma’ no hands
not falling
walking through fall straight to spring
flannel sheets
electric blankets
all whilst cuddling
not being sick
a future
a life
counting your blessings on the regular
losing count
but remembering the most important ones
they’re easy to remember because they all involve you


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