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April 11, 2015 / austreberto

breathe (day eleven)


i have to remind myself of this sometimes

though i do this naturally
as does the rest of my body
on autopilot

i’m a professional at living
but my mind is still catching up to that idea

it’s more than a idea
it’s a reality i nearly mastered at birth

i believed in more as a child
among many things
but mostly in myself

i believed in impossible tasks
daydreams were reality

taking on strongholds of enemies without getting hit once

i found the cure to all ailments
relinquished all wars
and discovered the secret ingredient to grandma’s cookin’

i could do all of this because i believed in myself

i don’t believe in myself anymore
at least
not like i used to

i believe in greatness in all its forms
no matter how seemingly insignificant
holding onto the little victories
tiny battles within a war that’s hopeless

i believe in humility
in stepping back
in shining spotlights elsewhere
that center stage does not have to be self centered

i believe in good intentions
and all that is holy with the human nature
when everyone works together

i still believe
not like i used to
but i still believe in myself


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