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April 12, 2015 / austreberto

before the show (day twelve)

before the show

we were all in different parts of the room
but still together
silently rehearsing our pieces
feet within each other

believed our voices only carried our words as far as we whispered them
between our short breaths from the air that we all shared in that place

yet they lingered around
intertwined into a cohesive work of unintentional art that we unknowingly created
and could not recreate

behind the curtain stood the damsel butterfly
her words
yet intentional and powerful

on the stairs
the preacher
every word was a prayer in rapid fire succession
but now
silencer hymns

in the back
the prophet
reincarnated from failures of his past to his successes of his present
preaching of his hopes for the future

and i stood next to the door
heart unsteady rhythmic beats reminding me to stay present
to enjoy the present

anticipating the beginning

to share my words
creating moments
mostly with strangers

but by the end of the performance
they would turn to unfamiliar faces in a blur
acquaintances in passing
with my two minutes of speaking

every word was rehearsed
chosen with care
and delivered with intent
of a beautiful evening to be had


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