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April 14, 2015 / austreberto

the journey (day thirteen)

the journey

i was told that i was one of those sensitive types

teenage boy writing about love and shit

what does a fifteen year old know about love and shit

overly emotional
too in tuned with his feelings
as if it weren’t natural for a boy to feel the way he feels
human emotions that apparently fit one gender better than the other

but they got one thing right

i was hyper-sensitive

i was sensitive alright
no doubt about that

i had a double dosage with both sides of the family to thank for that
and thank goodness for that

ever since i felt the friction between the pencil to the paper
scribbling so furiously the paper caught fire most nights
igniting the passion that would grow into something so amazing down the roads

i was hyper for the journey to take me
fast forward to the present
i have been on the journey for over thirteen years now
rewind back to the beginning
i’m so unsure if i should keep doing this
fast forward again
thank you for doubting me
thank you for the inspiration
thank you for fueling my passion

rewind one more time to double check
should i keep doing this after all of the unwelcomed backlash
fast forward to today
this moment
right here
right now

stay in the present
i can finally call myself a poet because i became comfortable with the words that i wrap my skin in
so never put that pencil down boy

if you see it
write it
if you hear it
write it
if you feel it
good lord if you feel it
you damn well better write that shit down

because if you don’t
you lose the opportunity to create
finding beauty with your poetic 20/20 vision
even within the tragedies
making them feel beautiful again
making yourself feel whole again

never doubt yourself again
never drop that pencil unless you pick it back up
never listen to the naysayers
especially if it’s you

never again
never again


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