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April 19, 2015 / austreberto

title pending (day nineteen)

title pending

a dog barks at nothing
because we see nothing

a child three blocks away scrapes his knee from learning to ride his bike without training wheels for the first time

i felt the stings of bees that almost thought about stinging me but wised up at the last second

the pollen gathers like fresh snow
and stains elbows on tables during prayers

say a prayer for atheists that wanted to believe
to the hypocritical christian
to the agnostic who’s content on not knowing the truth

we will never know the truth
but i thought i found in the back porches of summertime lemonade

the glasses were empty

i swallowed the seeds with the sunshine and the fertilizer
and told you that this is how i grow my gardens

johnny apple seed was a friend of mine

we parted on bitter terms from sucking on the citrus
was afraid of scurvy back then

on the other side of the world a woman finally loved herself for the first time without the figurative crutches she clung onto all the time

let them drop for once
the crippling set backs we created
out of nothing

the things the days were barking at in the first place
trying to wake you up from autopilot days of just getting back
barely making it

let us open up our eyes and take in all that is around us
the beauty in the details

a child has been born
took its first breath in this world
sharing the same particles that were breathed by others in the past and will be breathed by others in the future

at the same moment
a woman got out of an abusive relationships
and convinced herself that it was never love that he felt for her

both have new beginnings ahead of themselves
learning to walk by themselves
learning to trust

a girl meets a boy who is convinced is too good to be true

a boy meets a girl and he can’t believe his eyes

they both were dreaming
and didn’t want to wake up

when they woke up
they had not met yet

but would when the time was right

the time wasn’t right

got impatient with their plans of patience

started living on autopilot and missed the opportunities that came their way

wanted to find the truth instead
but found nothing because life never worked that way

i’ll come to you when you least expect it
and when you expect it the most
i’ll be in hiding in the answers that are right in front of you


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