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April 21, 2015 / austreberto

what you can do with all that hope (day twenty one)

what you can do with all that hope

go where you got it from in the first place

on sale
half off
buy one get one free
blue light special
black friday
act fast
but wait
there’s more

and exchange it for a little bit of elbow grease
a little bit of traction under your soles and under your soul
some momentum in your actions
some conviction in your purpose
some spark behind your adrenaline
some realization behind your control
because you have so much of it

you have face so much

it’s why it’s so hard for you to look back
leaving those hard times in the dust

eat my dirt
kiss my ass
peace out
i’ll call you some time
(i’m not going to call)
because you left that all behind

because of you

you gave up all that hope behind your wishes
started giving a shit for once

you stood up
took your first steps forward
and saw the progress to be had when you tried

and it felt good


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