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April 30, 2015 / austreberto

feathered steps (day thirty)

feathered steps

here we are again

at the crossroads within the crossroads of your decisions to make
most of which you are unsure of

in fact
the only thing you are sure of these days is how unsure you are of everything

would leave it up to the winds to carry you but there hasn’t been a breeze in years
but it’s really only been days

feels longer than that
feels longer when nothing happens
but nothing never not happens

you stood there in silence knowing both paths could lead you to greatness and failure at the same time
unsure of which one to take first
if it would be your last
but it would never be your last

another thing you were sure about was your stubbornness
that you would never stop trying

today marks the thousandth mistake you’ve made this year
and it’s only february

dropped a penny in a bottle each time it happened
and you ran out of bottles

bought yourself something to remind yourself you can have nice things and keep them too

your hands
tremble every time you come to decisions like this

you pointed
to the direction you wanted to go
but the winds picked up
and had something else in mind for you
as you became sure of something new
that you would be okay no matter where you went
pennies in bottles with every step you would take

spare change never felt so heavy after nearly thirty years of decisions
of mistakes
but you stopped noticing a long time ago

light footed


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